Just a little while ago.. this idea popped into my head.

Now, you can hold it in your hands and let it inspire you.


Take a moment to imagine:

What would it be like to have this unique artwork in your room?


Sometimes, all you need in the stressful moments of day-to-day life is to - just for a few seconds - allow yourself to admire a piece of art you love.


This piece is here to offer you the protection, inspiration, intuitive guidance and clarity you need whenever you feel confused and out of balance.


Keep it next to your bed for beautiful dreams at night -

or close to your desk for motivation to work on those dreams.


Remember that it is always there for you to make you feel reassured and supported.


Whatever wall you choose to hang it up on, this artwork transforms the atmosphere of any room - adding a last touch of magic and making it complete.


Don't miss out on the incredible benefits art can have in your life.

Experience them for yourself - and get your own piece, today!



With love,


"universe within you" print

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    “I promise you that the

      same stuff galaxies

      are made of, you are.

      The same energy that

      swings planets around

      stars makes electrons

      dance in your heart.

      It is in you, outside you,

      you are it. It is beautiful.


      Trust in this;

      And your life will be grand.” 


      ― Kamal Ravikant


    This quote perfectly describes what „Universe Within You“ is all about:

    The simple yet powerful knowing that you are the Universe; expressing itself in human form.